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Daniel Hidalgo was born in 1969 in Pocatello, Idaho, and grew up in Idaho Falls and Blackfoot, Idaho. At an early age his artistic ability was evident, however at times it would conflict with his schooling. Doing drawings instead of homework, or doodling cartoons on test papers, often got him in trouble with his teachers.

Both his grandfathers were farmers, and his parents passed on this respect for the land. His family enjoyed the outdoors and made many trips to the nearby mountains. Hunting, fishing, and berry picking were activities which taught him to appreciate and love being with nature.

"When I'm in the mountains, all my senses are sharper, all my thoughts are clearer. It is like magic or a holy experience. I am truly happiest, looking over a meadow in a valley, staring up at a canyon wall that touches the sky, or listening to the roar of a river going over a falls. This is when I am at peace with myself."

Although Daniel wanted to study Biology in school, it was in his Art classes that he excelled. He changed his major and graduated from Boise State University with his degree in Art. He worked as a visual merchandiser for seven years but longed for the mountains where he grew up.

Daniel currently works with his wife as the co-founder of The Idaho Art Lab in St. Anthony, Idaho, yet he still finds the time to create beautiful wildlife art on bison dung paper that he crafts by hand. Daniel, an avid outdoorsman, stays active mountain biking and hiking in the summer, skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.

Daniel was probably the first person to take Victor Bruha seriously, when he heard the idea of making paper from dung. Daniel's artistic ability, sense of humor and long time friendship with Victor made him an excellent choice to partner with. Together they were able to brainstorm ideas, evaluate products, and evolve a simple idea into art.

Artist Daniel Hidalgo

"I am so fortunate to be able to produce art work and live in an area that I love. I feel that sharing this art enhances our education and enjoyment of this beautiful area. That is why we chose to use the dung as a medium. It will promote the education about park animals and to give an enjoyable piece of art work to stimulate conversation, thought and humor."