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Born in 1970 and raised in Eastern Idaho, Victor Bruha spent many of his childhood summers living in West Yellowstone, enjoying the vast scenery of both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. It was here that he developed his great love for the wilderness of the greater Yellowstone region.

By living so close to the park, Victor was also influenced by a number of local artisans and craftsmen that displayed and sold their works in and around the parks to visitors and tourists. Some were collectors, but most simply wished to take home with them a fond memory of the beautiful places they had seen.

"I consider myself to have been very lucky. Most children only have a city park to enjoy...I on the other hand, had Yellowstone in my own back yard. Instead of monkey bars and sand boxes, I had geysers, mountains and wildlife. As much as I enjoyed it, I really had no idea how lucky I was until I was older and had my own children to raise and teach."

He started his career as a professional commercial artist when he was only 17. Through on-the-job experience, a formal commercial art education and a desire to advance himself, he was able to develop his own distinct style and gather many unique experiences that led him to this latest creative project.

Currently working as a freelance designer, print broker and portrait artist, Victor spends his free-time boiling dung, making sheets of paper and pressing new block prints to sell. Most of his wildlife illustration work is done in his home studio, but he often spends summer weekends in the parks to refresh his mind and gather new sources of creative inspiration.

"Yellowstone and it's bison are a constant inspiration for me. The varied landscape and these magnificent animals that inhabit the area remind us how small and fragile we really are. Creating paper from the dung of bison may seem crazy to some, however I think it is just one more chapter in the big circle of life. Just as the dung beetle collects it for food, and owls and eagles collect it for nest bedding, I had unknowingly become another participant in the grand order of natural recycling."

Artist Victor Bruha

Dung and Dunger is the result of Victor's love for the wilderness and natural creative abilities. He also has a strong sense of humor and humility. It is a necessary trait for anyone that could possibly enjoy having their hands deep in dung simply to make beautiful and rustic sheets of hand-made paper. Luckily, childhood friend and fellow artist Dan Hidalgo joined him as his partner and co-developer of the recipe for creating these papers.

"Well, it isn't quite like making lemonade out of lemons, but I guess it's close! My real hope and dream is simply to share a bit of the unique beauty and history of this great wilderness I find so enchanting. For those that buy one of my pieces of art, I wish you a lifetime of enjoyment. And if it forever brings a smile to your soul, I will have considered it a JOB WELL DUNG!"